TNTY music

TNTY outdoor musical instruments

  • develop creativity
  • build movement coordination
  • are helpful in teaching group work

Why music?

Spontaneous music-making develops creative potential in children, improves their movement coordination and auditory memory.

Music shapes several elements of vital importance for children’s development such as creative imagination, divisibility of attention and cognitive skills. It develops independent thinking, decision-making abilities and builds communication skills, which are particularly visible during fun and games with peers. Playing instruments together and music-making in a group creates bonds with other children, as well as teaching teamwork and interaction to achieve a set goal. These early experiences pay off later at school and in adult life.

Why is it a good idea to choose TNTY music instruments?



confirmed by certificates

  • certification
  • safe, high quality materials
  • tested several times


and good design

  • a creative brand, which understands the children’s and parents’ needs
  • an ergonomic, comfortable design to suit your child’s needs
  • designed for versatile develo


in manufacturing playground equipment

  • more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing certified playground equipment for children
  • the highest quality and reliability
  • we know children’s needs inside out


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